The President shall chair all meetings of the Association, and guide the activities of the Association in collaboration with the Committee. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall be meeting chair.
Specific responsibilities:
√ Co-ordinate activities of Committee and volunteer members.
 √Represent the Association in dealings with key external parties including Warringah Council (particularly in relation to Licence Agreement for Clubrooms),Collaroy Surf Club, Warringah Amateur Swimming Association (WASA), NSW Department of Fair Trading, and Swimming NSW.
√ Lodge required returns and forms with external parties including Annual Rockpool Booking Form with Warringah Council and Annual Return and Accounts with NSW Department of Fair Trading.
 √Liaise with the Club solicitor regarding changes to the Constitution that may be necessary from time to time.
√ Ensure that the Annual Report is compiled and available to members at the Annual General Meeting.


The Secretary shall maintain all records of business of the Association, including the rules, minutes of all General Meetings and a file of all correspondence. These records shall be available for inspection by any member and shall be held in the custody of the Secretary.
Specific responsibilities:
√ Receive and action all correspondence (including email) and bring same before meetings for decision.
√ Maintain the electronic mailbox of the Association
√  Communicate with all members details of key club events including Presentation Day and Season commencement
√  Cause signed minutes of all general meetings to be recorded accurately in the books to be kept for that purpose. Such books shall record the proceedings of such meetings, the attendance, and all resolutions passed.
√ Bring to the attention of the President any matters of urgent nature requiring attention.
√ Maintain updated copies of this Constitution, By-laws and Association Rules for supply, on request, to officers and members.
√ Undertake correspondence as agreed at a Committee meeting.


The Treasurer shall ensure that correct books and accounts are kept, showing the financial affairs of the Association, including full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the Association. These records shall be available for inspection by any member and shall be held in the custody of the Treasurer.
Specific responsibilities:
√ Has control of the funds of the Association, including management of term deposits.
√ Shall ensure all money due to the Association is collected, received and deposited into a bank account held in the Association’s name.
 √Ensure that all payments authorised by the Association are promptly made. Payments shall be made through a petty cash system or by cheque signed by two (2) signatories from the following roles: President, Secretary or Treasurer. Major or unusual expenditures shall be authorised in advance by the committee or a General Meeting.
√ Present a statement of the Association’s financial position at each Committee Meeting, including the receipts and expenditure since the previous meeting, and produce the financial books and statements from those financial institutions if and when required.
 √Submit a Statement of Receipt and Expenditure, as well as a Balance Sheet at the AGM.
 √Shall arrange the opening and closing of accounts as approved, including administration for approved signatories.
√ Shall arrange for annual stocktake of costumes, badges and clothing to be conducted.
√ Shall arrange for the audit of financial books and statements of the Association within 2 months of the end of the financial year (31 August).


The Registrar shall keep a register of members, including name, address, date of joining and date of cessation of membership of each member.
Specific responsibilities:
√ Maintain an up-to-date list of current members of the Association, which can be used by the Race Secretaries to organise Championship eligibility and selections.
 √Complete Warringah Amateur Swimming Association online registration for all members.
√ Reconcile WASA Registration invoices with Association membership records and arrange for prompt payment of registration invoices.
 √Complete NSW Swimming online registration for Life Members and Club Executive (President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Race Secretary).
 √Keep and file all Membership Application forms, including notification that Birth Certificates have been sighted for new members to confirm Championship eligibility.
√ Ensure that all required members of the Association are financial.

Chief Race Secretary

The Chief Race Secretary shall act as Race and Carnival Committee convenor.
Specific responsibilities:
√ Ensure a true and complete record of all results is kept for all meets conducted by the Association.
√ Appoint Race Secretaries to maintain race entries, handicaps and results for individual strokes and distances.
√ Ensure that for each meet, other than Championships, that necessary key officials are in place prior to commencement and during the meet. Liaise with the Chief Timekeeper to ensure that Timekeepers are replaced as appropriate. Ensure that arrangements (lane ropes, tables, sound equipment etc.) have been made for all to be in readiness for commencement of the meet at the appropriate time.
 √Determine Championship eligibility and selections and publish listings on club noticeboard 2 weeks in advance of each Championship event.
 √In the event of inclement weather, call a meeting of race secretaries to determine whether the meet will be run as scheduled, reduced or abandoned.
 √In the event of abnormally high tides/ swell, advise Chief Timekeeper of any change to Timekeeping procedures, advise any necessary change to the race program, and if appropriate, call a meeting of race secretaries to determine whether the meet will be reduced or abandoned.
 √Present to the Committee Meeting in August each year, the proposed Swimming Program for the upcoming season for discussion.
 √Present to the Committee Meeting in September each year (prior to Season commencement) the finalised Swimming Program for the upcoming season for ratification.
√ Arrange for the compilation of handicap and championship points and results for all registered members, and calculate the proposed allocation of trophy expenditure for the season to each member and for the Association as a whole.
 √In conjunction with the Presentation Day Co-ordinator, place orders with approved Suppliers for trophy expenditure as agreed by Committee.

Web Master

The Web Master shall establish and maintain the Association’s web-site.
Specific responsibilities:
√ Establish an enhanced web-site that meets essential requirements (as determined by Committee Working Group).
√ Maintain up to date information on the Association’s activities, meet results and upcoming events on the Association’s web-site.

Presentation Day C0-ordinator

The Presentation Day Co-ordinator shall be the single point of contact to manage all aspects of the Association’s annual Presentation Day.
Specific responsibilities:
 √Arrange for booking of venue.
 √Liaise with venue staff for seating, video and other arrangements as required.
√ Organise Presentation Day raffle and gifts to presenters on the day.
 √Co-ordinate the preparation of trophies prior to Presentation Day (including collection from Suppliers, unpacking, allocation to members and re-packing for transport to venue).
 √Organise set-up of trophies on Presentation Day.


The Club Referee shall have full control and authority over all officials, approve their assignments and instruct them regarding all special features or regulations relating to all Championship events.
Specific responsibilities:
√ Shall enforce all Championship Rules contained in the latest Information for Members booklet and shall decide all questions relating to the actual conduct of the meet and event or competition, the final settlement of which is not otherwise covered by the rules;
 √May intervene in the competition at any stage to ensure that the Association’s Championship rules are observed, shall adjudicate all protests related to the competition in progress;
√ Shall disqualify any swimmer for any violation of the rules that he/she personally observes.
Note: The communication of Championship disqualification of any junior swimmer 12 years or under will be made by a qualified Learn to Swim instructor, with the parent of the junior swimmer in attendance, at the Announcer’s table after the event has been completed. No communication of disqualification is to take place whilst the Swimmer is in the water.
 √Should the Finish Judges not be able to determine a result, add his/her placings to clarify the placings within the area of disagreement so that the result may be determined.
 √Ensure that all necessary officials are in their respective posts for the conduct of the competition, and may appoint substitutes for any who are absent, incapable of acting or found to be inefficient.


A Starter shall be appointed and shall:
√Have full control of the swimmers from the time the Referee turns the swimmers over to the Starter until the race has commenced.
√ Report a swimmer to the Referee for delaying the start, for wilfully disobeying an order or for any other misconduct taking place at the start, but only the Referee may disqualify a swimmer for such delay, wilful disobedience or misconduct;
 √Have power to decide whether the start is fair, subject only to the decision of the Referee;
√ When starting an event, the Starter shall stand on the side of the pool within approximately five (5) metres of the starting edge of the pool where the Timekeepers can see and/or hear the starting signal and the swimmers can hear the signal.
 √When starting a handicap event, The Starter shall stand behind the “limit” swimmer (who starts on “Go”) and moves across the pool side behind the swimmers until the last swimmer (the “scratch” swimmer) has entered the water. Any swimmer who starts before his/her starting number will be disqualified; however, a swimmer may return to the wall and restart from the water without penalty.

Check Starter

A Check Starter shall be appointed and shall:
 √Receive swimmers from the Marshals;
√ Place the swimmers in the area designated by the Starter to receive starting instructions;
 √Place swimmers in their respective starting positions for the event;
√ At handicap meets, ensure that swimmers are told their starting positions and starting numbers; report to the Referee any swimmer who is not stationary at the start or started before his/her starting number was called.
 √Signal the Referee when all is in readiness;

Chief Timekeeper

A Chief Timekeeper shall be appointed and shall:
 √Assign all Timekeepers and the lanes for which they are responsible.
 √Ensure each Timekeeper starts his/her watch at the starting signal and stops it when the swimmer in his lane has completed the race.
 √Ensure each Timekeeper has recorded the times on their watches on the card for collection by the Chief Timekeeper and forwarding to the Chief Recorder.
 √Ensure that at least three times are taken on Championship meets for swimmers competing for records

Clothing Supervisior

A Clothing Supervisor shall be appointed and shall:
 √Arrange for the ordering, display and sale of costumes, badges and clothing, and ensure proceeds from sale are promptly provided to the Treasurer for depositing into a bank account held in the Association’s name.
 √Assist the Treasurer with the conduct of the annual stocktake of costumes, badges and clothing.

Boys Captain and Vice-Captain and Girls Captain and Vice-Captain

A Boys Captain and Vice-Captain, and Girls Captain and Vice-Captain shall be appointed who shall:
√ Organise and run the activities on the annual Gala Day
 √Co-ordinate relay teams at WASA and Invitational Carnivals throughout the season
√ Assist with setup, movement and packing up of lane and finishing ropes to ensure the smooth running of meets
√ Assist the Social Committee with raffles at Christmas Party and throughout the season, and BBQ duties.
√ Assist with set-up and messages on portable whiteboard.

Chief Judge & Judges

A Chief Judge and Judges shall be appointed who shall:
 √After each event judges shall decide and report the placing of the swimmers according to the assignments given to them
√ After each event the Chief Judge will collect signed result sheets from each judge and establish the result and placing which will be sent directly to the referee. Unless otherwise agreed, the Chief Judge will collect the timesheet pad results from the Chief Timekeeper to keep with the result.


Timekeepers shall be appointed who shall:
√ When the Referee’s whistle is blown to indicate the start of a race, check that the watch is switched on and zeroed.
√ Watch the Starters gun and start the watch on the flash or smoke. If a hooter or whistle is used, start the watch on the sound or light. For Sunday handicap races, start the watch when the Starter lowers his/her arm fully to the side.
 √In handicap races, all watches are started on “GO” or “Zero” from the starter.
√ Immediately after the start, check that the watch is functioning correctly.
 √If the watch fails to start or does not function correctly, notify the Chief Timekeeper.
 √The watch is stopped immediately any part of the Swimmer’s body comes into contact with the wall at the finishing end.
√ If a competitor fails to touch at the end of the race, do not stop the watch. Let the chief timekeeper know.
 √When instructed do so by the Chief Timekeeper or on the Referee’s whistle for the start of the next race, return the Watch to zero.


Marshalls shall be appointed who shall:
√ Ensure that swimmers are aware of the lane in which they are to swim and their handicap number for handicap races


Recorders shall be appointed who shall:
 √Ensure that results for races are received and winners of each event are recorded on the sheet provided for that purpose. Visitors and Swimmers undertaking a time trial are disregarded for this purpose.
√ Ensure that results and original race sheets are placed in the appropriate folder for collection by the race secretary for that particular stroke.

BBQ cooks and drink supplier

BBQ cooks and drinks supplier shall be appointed who shall:
 √Bring the barbeque round to pool prior to the meet and return it to the club store room at the conclusion to the meet.
 √Drinks supplier to put drinks from fridge into coolers and bring them round to the pool.
√ BBQ cooks to ensure sufficient food supply is available for each meet and to commence cooking at a time appropriate for the meet.
√ BBQ cooks to ensure that BBQ is cleaned prior to being returned to the store room.
 √Arrange collection of cost of food and drinks and pass surplus money to the Treasurer.

Gear Stewards

Gear Stewards shall be appointed who shall:
√ Bring the gear trolley round to the pool prior to the meet and return it to the club gear room at the conclusion of the meet
√ Prior to commencing time, put out the lane ropes – normally 7 lane but 8 for Championships.
√ Put out the backstroke flags for backstroke, medley or BBB events.
√ Unfold the finishing rope if needed.
√ Ensure that the first aid kit, chief race secretary’s box and speakers are brought round to pool